After a long and fulfilling career, Rich Caruso has retired and our office is permanently closed.

Why Choose Us?

Our highly-skilled ocularists work to ensure each prosthesis we fabricate is customized for optimal fit and appearance. Through years of experience, we have developed sculpting techniques to maximize movement and combine intricate hand-painting with digital imagery to replicate the unique colors and details of your eye for incredible, aesthetically pleasing results.

The compassionate staff at Eye Prosthetics of Utah Inc. understand that beyond the science and art that goes into creating a custom prosthetic – our patients’ remain the inspiration through each individual journey and transformation.

Have Questions?

This man is AMAZING! He is a life changer! I've been seeing him for 20+ years and I HIGHLY recommend him. His staff is also so kind and sweet. I am happy to share my story with anyone who has questions about getting a prosthetic.

Nancy Jewkes