We recommend that the artificial eye not be removed unless absolutely necessary, i.e. to remove an eye lash or grit. Frequent removal may cause irritation and increased discharge.

A prosthetic eye has a life span of five to eight years for an adult and should be evaluated yearly. For children, a prosthetic eye may last four to seven years but should be evaluated more frequently to make adjustments for their growth patterns.

Ocular prosthetics are made from plastic polymer.

Yes, chlorine or salt water will not harm your prosthesis. Precaution should be taken, however, as an artificial eye will not float! We recommend goggles be worn while swimming.

A scleral shell usually covers a blind shrunken globe and is very thin and fragile. A full ocular prosthesis is typically required when the eye socket has been enucleated or eviscerated. A full prosthesis is thicker than a scleral shell.